2008-06-24 23:29:16 by Krage399

ok i decided to make a series! it's called "Cory & Fred! each episode is about different stuff. and it is poorly animated but to make up for that i am adding lots of funny so... your gunna like it i promis!(or not) i am makeing it with CD productions. my madness is still going to be in makeing. screeny's will be edited later on this post. check back for em'. but if no one likes poorly animated i will stop and move on. bye! edit, my madness is going to be on hold for a while


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2008-07-26 00:54:10

:o Yer work isn't poorly animated-- Sure, sometimes it's a bit slow and cliche, but I think the -real- problem with your flash is that. . .You need to make yer own story! :P It really looks like you're doin' something like Krinkels. With the Jebus and Clown, not to mention the sprite that basically is the aftermath with Madness-- Do somethin' new, homie-- I like the fact that you're putting effort towards making a series.

Krage399 responds: