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Ok, News on my new madness.

2008-04-17 20:10:54 by Krage399

Ok i am makeing a new madness as you guys might know from a post before. but this new one is going to have feet, blood, gore, insanity, and a good neverbefore seen story: There was a man, who tried to destroy the people who killed his whole family tree. the people who had meaning to him. all he had was them. and THEY took them away. he wants revenge on the 5 people who killed almost every piece of him, his family. so he goes after the 5 people who are in different hide outs as he babbles threw ALL that gets in his way.


2008-04-12 13:30:59 by Krage399

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2008-04-02 15:55:48 by Krage399

Nvm i was going to make a stick series with blood and stuff. but my co author quit on me so...


2008-04-01 18:52:33 by Krage399


My new madness.

2008-03-29 13:37:21 by Krage399

i will be makeing a new Madness and this one will be good i swear. its going to be smooth lots of blood, and there is going to be another charter in town. the story is kind of like the original madness storyline but there will be lots of effort and no continues. i will keep you informed about this movie along the way.

ok there will be new ways to kill people(lol i am fricking twisted.) there will be gore and blood.
it will be awesome. and i am takeing so mutch time on this, it's gunna be long.

Awesome Website!

2008-03-22 21:21:36 by Krage399

Ok all you freaks, i have a fricking awesome website with webshows, animations and other awesome stuffs, it might be stuff you seen on newgrounds or not, ;D dex.htm

Not to be continued.

2008-03-20 15:15:47 by Krage399

ok lets get this on track. i am not going to be continueing my madness tricky tribute, or anything. in a matter of fact i will just delete them (not madness tage). my madness rage will be not contued.


2008-03-20 15:09:22 by Krage399

Sup guys its krage399 and i like makeing madness, vidcam movies, sticks, and other animation. i am a skater, computer person, guitar hero player( or just bacicly a game maker adn player) basketball player.