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2009-08-19 11:23:03 by Krage399

yeah, my new madness AIDS flash was submited, and it seems people actually like it somewhat. chex it out


2009-03-24 13:53:24 by Krage399



2009-01-29 18:57:58 by Krage399

Wasup again, and today, for some side project, i need people who can sound like, Kenny Mccormic(sp?) stan, kyle and butters, and possibly a few more. thanks, its a south park parody, (obviously) thanks, my email is send me a voise sample if you get the chance and decide you want to help.


2008-11-09 15:32:21 by Krage399

i started it, i will have voise in it, its about 2 kids go into a city tryin to get home, and they end up being zictums to zombies and other "creatures" they run into a police station and try to survive the best they can. and the ending is secret.


2008-10-10 20:09:22 by Krage399

new madness movie canceled. sadly but i'll TRY to make a new 1. i'll update yallz on that. peace out ni**as

Its Fukin madness day!!!!

2008-08-29 17:27:01 by Krage399

I i don't have a f**kin movie how stupid of me! sh*T


2008-06-24 23:29:16 by Krage399

ok i decided to make a series! it's called "Cory & Fred! each episode is about different stuff. and it is poorly animated but to make up for that i am adding lots of funny so... your gunna like it i promis!(or not) i am makeing it with CD productions. my madness is still going to be in makeing. screeny's will be edited later on this post. check back for em'. but if no one likes poorly animated i will stop and move on. bye! edit, my madness is going to be on hold for a while


2008-06-21 13:15:18 by Krage399

alright, i want to know what you guys think. should i put feet?(it will take longer but be better) or no feet(will not take as mutch time.) just wanted to know what you people think for my new madness combat(untitled) and if you got any suggestions for a name for it just post em' 2.

OMG!!! Madness!!

2008-06-16 12:04:55 by Krage399

My frickin madness i was working on just got deleted! i got into a fight with my friend and he deleted it! but don't worry! i still have the sprites so i can just make it better then before! ok i'll still update you guys on this. if you do not know about the madness. check previous posts.


2008-04-22 16:06:02 by Krage399

Just to let you guys know. i do not only make madness movies god dam! people have been sayin" you little kid you have no flash skill at all! all you make is madness! the easyest animation!" ya so... i'll be submitting whem i feel like submitting a non madness.